Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Halo: Reach

Halo Reach is a first person shooter for the Xbox 360 console. It is the fourth and final game in the series when bungie was still under Microsoft game studios. The game broke the record that the franchise created by grossing $200 million on its launch day.

Story: the story is the usual for Halo series. the human-covenant war is raging and the spartan program is created by dr. Halsey. the spartan program was created to stop the civil wars within the UNSC. Spartsns are physically and cybernetically enhanced super soldiers that wear iconic spartan armor that protects them from almost every kind of enemy attacks. there are many different types and variations of the spartan armor. The Covenant bring the fight the the planet of Reach and all hell breaks loose and the new fight for humanity begins.

Gameplay: The game takes a different look at the human-covenant war by going back a few years to when the planet of Reach is still thriving. You take control of a new recruit to the team of Noble to replace the sparttan that they lost. the game starts you off slowly teaching you all of the basics of how to play. its really easy to get into if you're a first time player of the halo series. as soon as you start, you become immersed into the world of Halo and it becomes quite addicting to most players. the mechanics and shooting elements are top-notch, and takes time to master. Anyone can pick up Halo and become decent in a little while. The driving and navigating mechanics are simple, for example to drive a grounded vehicle all that is needed are the two control sticks unless you're trying to boost or shoot on certain vehicles.

Graphics: Halo: Reach is a bright and beautiful game that is a big step up from the graphics in the earlier games of the series. Reach pushes the Xbox 360 to its limits with its intense and gorgeous graphics while adding great gameplay at the same time.

Overall: Halo: Reach overall is one of the best in the Halo franchise and should be the best game of 2010. im giving it a 9 out of 10 because its one of the best shooters i've ever played. this is KB of KB's reviews, and thanks for reading.